Lips, Lips, and Lips

The tight lips of a person crossing a busy street, pretending not to notice the tons of oncoming traffic headed toward them which could have crushed their tiny, thin lips had they not slowed down.

Lips of a restaurant patron, who is 99% sure they are going to ask to speak with the manager, even though they haven’t been seated yet.

The smug lips you see in your rearview mirror of a person driving a BMW M5 G-Power Hurricane CS. He, (it’s always a “he”), is going to pass you very soon, very fast.

The lips of an old man who thinks the world has gone to hell-in-a-handbasket. He thinks there’s a little too much technology and not enough racism left in the world.

The lips of a teenage girl when phone battery is at 7%.

Chicken Lips.

Lips eating chicken.

Lip balm container lip.

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